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Health Care Reform

Health reform provides more people with approach to obtain health insurance coverage based on our current health insurance system, establish legal protections for consumers, and set up mechanisms for consumers to shop knowledgeably for insurance.

Health reform includes the following:

  • Amend and expand current Medicaid policy to enable people below poverty line to qualify for coverage.
  • Offering incentives to employers so they are more likely to provide health insurance to their employees.
  • For middle to lower income US residents who are not eligible for Medicaid, the government will provide credit to allow them to purchase health insurance from private insurance companies.
  • Establishing a Health Insurance Exchange so all purchasing of health insurance and such may be done inside the framework.
  • Provide protection for consumers from fraud and misrepresentation, and made public all decision making proceedings.
  • Set guideline to limit exorbitant rate hike.
  • Advocate the importance of a healthy life style. Primary and preventive healthcare are essential to keeping medical cost low.
  • Most US resident will be required to have health insurance

Requirement for Health Insurance Reform

Beginning 2014, individuals will be mandated to have health insurance for themselves & their dependents. Otherwise, need to pay a penalty for non-compliance.

The impact to the individual

  • Insurance company cannot decline your application if you are high risk patient
  • Parents have new option to cover their children until age 26.
  • Not allowed to exclude or deny any coverage for the children under 19.
  • Get tax credit for family under certain income.
  • Pre existing condition excluded

The impact to the group

  • Small business can get credit up to 35% to 50% credit for qualifying business.
  • Owners of small companies ( 50 or less employees ) are excluded from the new employer responsibilities policies.

Assessment fees will be waived if this criteria is met, even if an employee applied for tax credit through the healthcare exchange


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